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Out and About

Friday, September 3, 2010

Prague in Pictures

Ever wanted to see Prague without actually having to move from your couch? I decided to make the effort and do it for you. You're welcome.

Wenceslas Square

Oh good, McDonald's has reached Prague. I was worried there for a minute.

A cathedral, I'm still working on learning names...

Apparently people get married on Tuesdays in Prague

Old Town Square

Horses in Old Town Square

Um, statues in Old Town Square

What appears to be a cathedral

A nice summer market

A bridge



The following pictures are views from Charles Bridge on a beautiful, 70 (ahem, 21 degrees Celsius) degree Saturday afternoon.

The entrance from a distance

The entrance close up

I heard more English on this bridge than I've heard in my whole time here in Prague

Someone's beautiful balcony garden

Adorable river-side café where I want to eat. One day...

Looks like Venice!

I really think the hot air balloon adds so much to this picture

The other end of the Charles Bridge

Ok, you just virtually crossed the Charles Bridge. Congratulations! Now, no more vistas from the Charles Bridge. Just of the bridge :)

A park near Charles Bridge

So green!

View of the Charles Bridge


A plaza off of Charles Bridge

Another bridge

A restaurant's menu at the entrance of Charles Bridge. I'll pass. And what's pork knuckle? That can't be too tender.

Malostranksa Square

Well, that's Prague in a nutshell! Once I discover more of the city I will have a lot of other exciting pictures, but these are the really popular, touristy sights of the city. Enjoy!