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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Great English Migration

Well, I've made a fun little observation about English people. And while I can't bash them too badly, because I am 50% English, I must comment that they are a strange race. They are rather sun deprived, because England tends to be cloudy and rainy. They do have completely sunny days, but they are far and few between. As a result, many English people like to head to the beaches in Spain for a quick sun bathe. I noticed this phenomenon when I myself was making this same trip, except I started in Spain and flew to England to visit my grandmother. The route is Leeds to Málaga, and it is flown very cheaply by Ryanair, a low cost European airline. This route is flown almost entirely by English people. Thus, English people will dig out their long-lost swim suits and make a nice weekend out of the southern coast of Spain. However, they are a bit over eager and end up soaking up too much sun. It's funny how if a culture does not have enough of something, they make sure to take full advantage of it when they have the opportunity.

Too much of a good thing

This is a picture of English people waiting in line to check into their Ryanair flight back to Leeds, where they can pick their sun blisters in peace.

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